Monday, March 2, 2015

Gluten Free Sourdough "Rye" Style Bread

Here's another multi-grain bread recipe using my gluten free sourdough starter!
This time I decided to make a "rye" style bread. Although rye bread is not gluten free, you can mimic it's flavor using teff flour and caraway seeds. Some people like to throw in a little cocoa power, instant coffee granules, orange zest or onion flakes, but I wanted to keep this recipe simple. Feel free to throw in any of those additional flavorings to suit your own taste. The flavor of this bread is pretty darn close to what I remember rye bread tasting like. The addition of sourdough starter just kicks it up a notch!

Mango Mousse and Blackberry Parfaits

I love a good parfait. They are very versatile and can be made with practically any fruit. We love tropical fruit and berries, so that's what I chose for this tasty treat. Using frozen mango chunks made this mousse set up pretty fast. If you're not a fan of mangoes, frozen strawberries could be used instead. This recipe is so delicious and couldn't be simpler.