Saturday, February 14, 2015

Natural dough enhancers and techniques that work!

I have become somewhat of a food geek lately, doing a lot of research on ways to naturally improve the texture and shelf-life of homemade gluten free bread. I don't like having to freeze my homemade bread to keep it "fresh", really? It's not practical and just a hassle to thaw out a couple pieces at a time when I want to make a sandwich.

I have tried so many tricks of the trade, but nothing has worked better for me than using soaked flours and grains, soaked white bean flour (soaking makes it more digestible and taste much better) and using a combination of powdered ginger and sunflower lecithin (I don't eat soy). Soaking the flours, grains and beans beforehand makes them healthier by minimizing phytic acid, makes them easier to digest and produces a loaf of bread that is much lighter in texture.