Saturday, October 11, 2014

Progressive Adjustable Bread Keeper, Love It!

From time to time I will be reviewing products advertised on my blog. Pictured above is my new bread keeper that I purchased through Chefs Catalog. I love it and it is very practical. It has an adjustable valve which allows you increase or decrease airflow around the bread. Here in Colorado, where the humidity is very low, I keep mine in the closed position to help retain moisture. For those of you who live in a humid environment, simply open the valve to allow for more airflow. Also, this box takes up a lot less space than traditional bread boxes. One of my favorite things about this particular bread box is that it can be placed on end, allowing larger loaves to be placed cut side down. Imperative to retaining moisture in homemade and Artisan breads.

Simply place the cutting board that comes with the box in the bottom and insert your bread. 
As you can see, that isn't possible with the large horizontal bread boxes. 

Once the bread loaf is small enough, place the box back in a horizontal position.
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Bread should never be stored in plastic bags unless it's going into the freezer for later use. Plastic bags trap moisture around the bread softening the crust and making the bread to stale faster!

I highly recommend this bread box from Progressive! If you already have this bread box I would love to hear your thoughts or comments!

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